Our natural food based oon curative/corrective foods for:


Our  manufacturing services go beyond delivering the highest quality products for our customers. We have a greater mission in mind: to leverage our success as a leading food manufacturer to foster whole life transformation for our employees, plant communities, and each individual we connect with on a daily basis. That means creating jobs, promoting a culture of respect and integrity, and building sustainable communities both locally and globally. And, of course, it means forging customer relationships built on trust, accountability, and communication. At Erangi  Hills foods processors, we partner with you to make a difference.


We manufacture your products with strict quality controls, go to great lengths to protect your information, and will never, ever put your brands at risk by competing with you. As contract food manufacturers, we are constantly looking for opportunities to enhance our customer partnerships – our plant layouts are designed for expansion and access to additional equipment so we can scale for growth when you do. Investment in our people is essential. In addition to our exceptional food manufacturing training and certification programs, we offer personal and professional development plans, as well as opportunities for spiritual growth and support. We believe in making “whole life” investments in our employees to build the same kind of trusted and lasting relationships we have with our customers.

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