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Here is an important chance to discover your health. Food maintain life because  certain chemical substance (nutrients) in it are required by the cell for growth, repair,rebuilding and regulation of functions. use of improper food is perhaps the root cause of every problem

Erangi Nutritional care products during the various stages of life

These are designed to be taken by healthy individuals where catabolism( breakdown ) and anabolsm (building) are balanced e.g.

  1. Erangi baby weaner uji flour
  2. Erangi infant flour
  3. Erangi Children uji flour
  4. Erangi adult uji flour
  5. Erangi Elderly uji flour
  6. Erangi  expectant and breastfeeding mother uji flour

Erangi therapeutic foods

These are highly individualized because of one or more conditions of the client e.g.

  1.  Erangi convalescents and invalid foods
  2. Erangi cardiovascular foods
  3. Erangi  ant- carcinogen foods
  4. Erangi pertics and ultracerative  colitis foods
  5. Erangi burns and surgery foods

Erangi ostemalacia foods

These are general foods but with some health benefits to the consumer e.g

  1. Erangi cinnamon honey
  2. Erangi Ginger lemon honey
  3. Erangi orange blossom honey
  4. Erangi nettcin drinks
  5. Erangi Nettcinn drinks
  6. Erangi pumpkin seeds/powder
  7. Erangi Dates
  8. Erangi Herb and spices e.g garlic, Cinnamon, Ginger power

Erangi Modified food

These are suitable for someone who is undergoing medical treatments e.g

  1. Erangi Diabetic foods
  2. Erangi immune booster foods
  3. Erangi Hypoglycemia foods
  4. Erangi Hypertension foods

Erangi convenience foods

These are usually prepared either fully or partially in the order to enhance their nutrition value e.g

  1. Erangi instant uji flour
  2. Erangi  oat flake/Rye flakes
  3. Erangi groundnut flour/ Gritts
  4. Erangi soya beverage